Have you tried all the other dating apps out there and still not met your match? At Meri Jaan we do the vetting for you. We match you with the people who you're most likely to connect with. Chances are you're familiar with a few of the dating apps and services floating around, and it's likely your experience may have been a disappointing one. Unfortunately, you're not alone.
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    Receive instant notifications about your matches and likes

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    Once you have matched, it's time to get to know each other via our chat feature

  • Profile

    We routinely screen and verify all Meri Jaan users to filter out the fakes

How Meri Jaan Works

See if they're interested for free

Set up your profile and start searching professional singles today - browse our database and find the perfect partner for you

Get to know them

See if they are interested too. You can like potential matches for free to see if they are interested in taking things further. Just send them a 'Heart' to see if they have something to say back to you

Get to know them

Get the conversation started. Once you both show interest, you can make contact and get to know each other


You should download Meri Jaan from the Apple Store or Google Play today.

Why Meri Jaan?

  1. We know your time is valuable, which is why we do all the screening for you
  2. We try our best to maintain a database of professional singles
  3. We want to help our members find real connections and good conversations
  4. We respect your privacy by hiding your profile from friends and coworkers

Why is Meri Jaan the best choice for professional singles looking to date?

First of all, we take your Facebook and LinkedIn profile information for photos and screening.

Don't worry

Your Facebook friends won't see your profile or that you're using our dating app. Our privacy settings are second to none, and your personal information is safe with us. We don't even get access to your log-ins and passwords, just your social media profiles, so no need to worry about confidentiality. While using your LinkedIn is not the norm for many dating apps and may weird you out a little, trust us, because it's for your own good! You wouldn't want your boss or your co-workers seeing your dating profile, right? Yeah, didn't think so. We'll screen out everyone from your company so your dating life can stay separate from your workplace.

Are you in?


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